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Network Security
  Stateful Packet Firewall Endian Network Security
  Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Endian Network Security
  Intrusion Prevention (IPS) Endian Network Security
  Multiple Public IPs Endian Network Security
  QOS and Bandwidth Management Endian Network Security
  SNMP Support Endian Network Security
  VoIP/SIP Support Endian Network Security
  DoS and DDoS Protection Endian Network Security
  SYN/ICMP Flood Protection Endian Network Security
  Anti-Spoofing Protection Endian Network Security
  VLAN support (IEEE 802.1Q trunking) Endian Network Security
  DNS Proxy/Routing Endian Network Security
WEB - Security
  HTTP & FTP Proxies Endian Web-Security
  Anti-Virus Endian Web-Securita
  Transparent Proxy Support Endian Web-Security
  Content Analysis/Filtering Endian Web-Security
  URL Blacklist Endian Web-Security
  Authentication: Local, RADIUS, LDAP, Active Directory Endian Web-Security
  NTLM Single Sign-On Endian Web-Security
  Group based WEB Content Filter Endian Web-Security
  Group based WEB Access Policies Endian Web-Security
  Time based Access Control with multiple Time Intervals Endian Web-Security
MAIL- Security
  SMTP u. POP3 Proxies Endian Mail-Security
  Anti-Spam with Bayes, Pattern, SPF Endian Mail-Security
  Heuristics, Black- and White-Lists support Endian Mail-Security
  Anti-Virus Endian Mail-Security
  Transparent Proxy support Endian Mail-Security
  Spam Auto-Learning Endian Mail-Security
  Transparent Mail Forwarding (BCC) Endian Mail-Security
  Greylisting Endian Mail-Security
Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  True SSL/TLS VPN Endian VPN
  IPSEC Endian VPN
  Encryption; DES, 3DES, AES 128-,192-, 256-bit Endian VPN
  Authentication:Pre-Shared Key, Certification Authority, Local Endian VPN
  Support for VPN over HTTPS Proxy Endian VPN
  X.509 and 2 factor based Authentication Endian VPN
  PPTP Passthrough Endian VPN
  Pushing of DNS settings and Routes to Clients Endian VPN
  Automatic connection Failover Endian VPN
Multi - WAN with Failover
  Support for multiple Uplinks/WANs Endian Multi-WAN with Failover
  Automatic WAN Uplink Failover Endian Multi-WAN with Failover
  Monitoring of WAN Uplinks Endian Multi-WAN with Failover
  Uplink types: Ethernet (Static/DHCP), PPPoE, ADSL, ISDN, PPTP Endian Multi-WAN with Failover
  UMTS/GPRS/3G support Endian Multi-WAN with Failover
  Static Routes pfSense Routing
  Source-based Routing pfSense Routing
  Destination-based Routing pfSense Routing
  Policy-based Routing (based on Interface, Mac, Protocol or Port) pfSense Routing
Network Address Translation (NAT)
  Destination NAT Endian NAT
  Incoming Routed Traffic Endian NAT
  One-to-One NAT Endian NAT
  Source NAT (SNAT) Endian NAT
  IPSec NAT Traversal Endian NAT
Logging / Reporting
  Real-time Dashboard Endian Logging/Reporting
  Event Handling and Notification Endian Logging/Reporting
  Live Log Viewer (AJAX based) Endian Logging/Reporting
  Detailed User Based Web Access Report Endian Logging/Reporting
  Network/System/Performance Statistics Endian Logging/Reporting
  Rule-based logging settings (Firewall Rules) Endian Logging/Reporting
  Syslog: Local or Remote Endian Logging/Reporting
  Easy Web-based Administration (SSL) Endian Management
  Secure Remote SSH/SCP Access Endian Management
  Serial Console Endian Management
Updates and Backup
  Backup/Restore Firewall settings from Web-Interface Endian Updates and Backup
  Centralized Updates through Endian Network Endian Updates and Backup
  Anti-Virus Definitions Endian Updates and Backup
  URL Blacklist Definitions Endian Updates and Backup
  Scheduled Automatic Backup Endian Updates and Backup
  Encrypted Backups via E-mail Endian Updates and Backup
  Instant Recovery/Backup to USB-Stick Endian Updates and Backup
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