pfSense - OPEN Source Linux Distribution

  Open Source License (GPL) Firewall pfSense
  Free Download Firewall pfSense
Network Security
  Stateful Packet Firewall pfSense Network Security
  Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) pfSense Network Security
  Wireless Support pfSense Network Security
  DynDNS Client pfSense Network Security
  caching DNS Forwarder pfSense Network Security
  SNMP Support pfSense Network Security
  DHCP Server and Relay / DHCPClient pfSense Network Security
  Traffic Shaper pfSense Network Security
  Captive Portal (force Authentication and Redirection pfSense Network Security
  Authentication: LDAP  
Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  Open VPN pfSense VPN
  PPPoE and PPTP Support on the WAN-Interface pfSense VPN
  IPsec VPN Tunnels (IKE with Support for HW- Cryptocards, Mobile Clients) pfSense VPN
  PPTP VPN (with RADIUS Server Support) pfSense VPN
Multi - WAN with Failover
  Support for multiple Uplinks/WANs pfSense Multi-WAN with Failover
  Redundancy (Hardware Fauilover) pfSense Multi-WAN with Failover
  Static Routes pfSense Routing
  Source-based Routing pfSense Routing
  Destination-based Routing pfSense Routing
  Policy-based Routing pfSense Routing
Network Address Translation (NAT)
  Port Forwarding (inkl. Use of Multiple Public IP's) pfSense NAT
  One-to-One NAT pfSense NAT
  NAT Traversal  
  IPSec NAT Traversal  
Logging / Reporting
  Reporting / Monitoring (Realtime and Historical) pfSense Logging/Reporting
  Web Interface (supports SSL) pfSense Management
  Serial Console pfSense Management
Updates and Backup
  SW-Upgrades through the Webbrowser pfSense Updates and Backup
  Configuration Backup/Restore pfSense Updates and Backup
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Firewall pfSense